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It's Time to Save the Soul of our Nation

Our agony is mutual,

our losses enormous,

our hearts horrified, thou

our fears are human as we

battle the invisible invader.

Our tears multiply by the hour in anguish;

when we are called each by name

to introspect, hold on to each other,

wipe each other’s tears in deed, spirit and prayers,

to heal our broken hearts.

Now is no time to play the blame game,

as we yell for mercy and protection.

We all seek answers in tragedy,

that have befallen us yonder colour or creed,

and filled morgues, care centres beyond capacity.

The time has come for genuine introspect,

on ways to save the soul of our Nation.

To forgive and stand in unison,

as we fight the invisible enemy as one.

It is real, COVID-19 is here in our midst.

The time is set to let go of hatred or rage;

not for blows of yester-time in vengeance,

but to act in solidarity with brethren

to save the soul of our beloved Nation collectively.


"Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you must become its soul."
~Coretta Scott King

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