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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The Year 2021 has arrived with a bunch of possibilities. Yes, it may appear as though not much has changed but the fact that you and I can meet on this platform, share this article, demonstrates that we are favoured to witness what the New Year has in store for each of us!

Live it! Explore it! Colour it! Sing it & hold on like never before with optimism to your New Year Resolutions!

December 2020’s Blog Post 12 presented an introduction to my Autobiography. If you missed it not a problem at all. This article is a repeat of what you might have missed during the festive season. Coming from a less privileged background and having made it to “the other side” of the tracks, sharing my story with the world is something I consider greatly important. In so doing, I play my part in adding value in one way or another towards the global fight against poverty. Your story can change the world too!

Not only does Daes’ story mirror the essence of humanity in a broader context, but illustrates what a difference we can make by just being human if we are to live harmoniously, co-exist and interact in peace as we celebrate diversity. If you have ever doubted the power of Humility, get yourself a copy of this life-changing account of Daes’ humble story once launched both in print and digitally. The team of experts working on the project will soon provide the final details above.

By definition, the word Humility means, having the quality of modesty or a low view of one’s importance. To me, however, this simple word has become a lifestyle. One that has opened doors I had no dreams of ever reaching. My journey is a true testament to how just being human, and treating people exactly how I want to be treated irrespective of their status, origin and titles have had a great effect on my life. It is through my encounters with people from all walks of life I am who I am today.

May we all prosper in 2021.

2021 MOTTO: “Live it! Explore it! Colour it! Sing it & hold on like never before, with optimism to your New Year Resolutions.

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