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Happy Greetings!

Indeed, we started this week on a positive note, under the wisdom of a humble legend in his own right, Sir Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), a Dutch post-impressionist painter, who laid a solid foundation for modern art. I wonder how many of us are familiar with his works of immense encouragement although he is said to have sold only one canvas during his lifetime? Gogh taught us that “great things do not just happen by impulse but as a succession of small things linked together.” We are encouraged by his vigour and committed to continue inspiring you through the eyes and experiences of phenomenal legends. This week we are celebrating Vincent van Gogh who made a positive impact on humanity through his painted wisdom. Despite malnutrition and adverse personal circumstances, he never lost hope; continued to pursue his passion with immense love for people. He was not fortunate to experience success in his lifetime but left behind a legacy of lasting impact on the world of art, thus being honoured today as the most influential artist.

I trust that, the more we keep our conversation to the fundamentals of life and widespread challenges we face, our common sense of belonging ought to sharpen. We all belong to the same universe, the host to our geographical space, country, continent we call home. This makes us brothers, sisters and cousins. Forget about the tint in your eyes, hair, skin or your IQ levels. It should truly not matter. We have so much in common. We share the same tear of sorrow as now during these unprecedented times; we share the same smile of delight when happiness fills our hearts. We all have dreams, small or big; can learn from each other and grow together in diversity.

One cannot over-emphasize the passion displayed by Vincent van Gogh, to heighten the value of people loving each other, caring for one another and moulding each other for the better of society. This, van Gogh, achieved through his simple artwork produced through his inner soul. Although this giant’s life was short-lived due to poverty and hardships, his footprints remain engraved in highly treasured paintings on walls and in museums the world over. These are not only symbols of inspiration in times of difficulties we all encounter occasionally, but also symbols of threads binding us as people. May his legacy of hard work, willpower inspire and remind us that the ultimate triumph of humanity lies in equal socio-economic emancipation of all members of society at all times, at all levels.


Dr Daes

“If I am worth anything later, I am worth something now. For wheat is wheat even if people think it is grass in the beginning” ~ Vincent van Gogh

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