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Refreshed with Deeper Passion

Updated: Jun 9, 2021


When I was accorded a health break unexpectedly, I realised just how critical it is to manage the coronavirus. One must stay strong: emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically to take charge of the ordeal with a positive mindset.

I launched a well-refined website replacing the old one. I cannot wait to share with you what I went through when I tested positive for Covid-19. It was horrible but I did not panic. I fought back and remained in charge. It was crucial for me to survive the torment, to get back and share my experience. Not as a medical expert but as an ordinary person, who fell victim to the virus. This prompted me to embark upon yet another project titled: ‘THE DEAL: a one-on-one encounter with the INVISIBLE’.

THE DEAL will soon be at your disposal right here on the website at a minimal cost. Click on the link to view the new and improved website: [ ]

In case you missed some of our previous conversations, not worry. The recap is available right here, in the 'Blog' section of the website - available in the menu. Now, let's continue the conversation.

Until then, keep safe, protect yourself, your loved ones as well as your communities! I am back on board, refreshed and with a deeper passion to learn and grow with you!


Dr Daes

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