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The moment is now!

Hi folks!

I trust that you are all well, being yourself and doing great things out there - no matter the circumstances surrounding you! Remember life is short. It is here now but can cease to exist in a second. You have it now, this very moment. Make it count, love to live because tomorrow is a mystery you may never live to experience.

Start now to experiment with what you dreamt about yesterday. Begin today, to craft the path you wish to walk on tomorrow. No one, but you alone has the ability to make your life shine the way you imagine it to strike the world. Always be you, and your best inner-self who never bends under the pressures of the most challenging moments.

With these few words of encouragement, I wish you greatness out there with some wisdom of Francis Bacon, a known English philosopher, a gifted author and statesman. We celebrate him as the father of empiricism, a hands-on personality who lamented ‘the sad fate of a man to die too well known to everybody else, yet unknown to himself’. Start now to venture into knowing the person you are. Break yourself into pieces and appreciate the strength in each particle. None other than you can optimally utilise the multitudes of talents you are born with. Explore them, use them. Put each to good use to shine brighter.

The moment is now! Live it!


Dr Daes

“We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand.”
~ Francis Bacon

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