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The power of Togetherness

Updated: Jun 8, 2021


I am pleased to join you once again on our platform after a while. Trust I find you all in good spirits. Our conversation underscoring mind poverty continues. We value your devotion and constant insights and grant consent to the request of sharing our collective wisdom as broad as possible. Please don’t hesitate to share the outcomes of our conversation on other platforms. You have got my unconditional permission!

“Together we are great and can do great things together”. After an in-depth soul-search, I realized how just great each one of us is and can be. Yes, you heard me right. We are the sum; the most incredible creatures mother earth has produced. Just imagine the immense collective greatness that lies within us the human race. If we talk, walk and work in unison for the greater picture, we can achieve unspeakable greatness. YES, WE CAN!

Mother Teresa once said: “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things”.

Wise words from the legendary Mother this world was once blessed with. Indeed, we are greater, wiser and more robust when we stand together - treasuring each other, even in times where it may seem one has no other option than to pull in opposite directions. There is so much greatness in agreeing to disagree. This act in itself is a force that makes us greater in diversity, enabling us to achieve greater prosperity geared towards collective gains benefitting each of us. You will agree that of late, the world is plagued with endless anguish, fear, confusion, hatred, infighting and carnages. Not to mention the increase in all sorts of vulnerabilities across geopolitical borders. But wait a minute, there is greater hope in our togetherness. Much rewarding than lone gains. The world is better off when we stand in unison and fight all ills that challenge our dignity as humans. Today’s blog post is therefore a reminder of Mother Theresa’s wisdom shared many years ago; wisdom that shaped many hearts and minds striving towards making the world a better place for all to prosper and live harmoniously.

We can be great together! We can excel together! We can gain together! Provided we put aside our copious differences, dislikes and celebrate our diversity for a better world for all and oncoming generations.



Dr Daes

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