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Tribute to Rural Women

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Dear All,

I was waiting for an appropriate time to celebrate this awe-inspiring accolade conferred upon me by Vessels of Virtue with you all: my community, family and friends. This is indeed a befitting seasonal, birthday gift I dedicate to all rural women in Namibia. Thank you Vessels for giving me a reason to further embrace, celebrate and appreciate many of these unsung Heroes. Abraham Lincoln once said: “Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.” One day, someone somewhere will spot you and appreciate you. No matter where you find yourself, and what your struggles and triumphs are. One day, someone will ‘see’ you and celebrate you!

One among the thousands of rural women I celebrate through this Vessels of Virtue Award is the one who gave birth to me. She raised me along with my siblings in a rural setting and taught us all how to be tough and courageous in this world, especially as women hailing from rural margins. My mother, my 85-years-young role model, mentor and hero, taught me the necessary life skills to remain relevant against all odds. She gave me the courage to move on even if there seems no light at the end of the tunnel.

I thank Vessels of Virtue for the special recognition for being a... "darer, innovative and disruptive leader and entrepreneur." I remain deeply humbled and grateful! You inspired me to do all I can to continue inspiring others, particularly those encountering immeasurable odds against them.

Above all, I recognize and celebrate all rural women in Namibia for their resilience and bravery!! Truly, you are the invisible mainstay of community resilience - the unshakable underwriters of sustainable livelihoods. You are all darers, courageous and trailblazers.

I salute you all!

Once again, thank you Precious Nyarambi, Founder & CEO of Vessels of Virtue, as well as the entire Awards Team.

I am truly humbled.

Happy Festive Season and an inspiring 2022!

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