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How To Write C O Address

The proper way to address an envelope in care of another party is by placing the intended recipient's name at the top of the address block and, on the next line, write "c/o" followed by the c/o party's name. Under the c/o party's.

  • This is often used (or used to be) in a format such as "Joe Black Co. Ltd." meaning "Joe Black Company Limited". The most common abbreviation in the UK for "care of" is "c/o", so we would have written. Joe Black c/oJohn Doe.

  • Make sure to include two names, your specific addressee at the top and the authorized individual’s name, before the address. You may also write it this way when you’re addressing a minor, a legally incompetent individual, or.

  • It usually mean “care of” and them lists a person’s name or a company name. You might use it if you (Carl Smith, for example) were staying at someone’s home (Joe Jones’s home, for example) and your name was not on the mailbox. So you would address the envelope as follows: Carl Smith. C/O Joe Jones. 22 Sutton Street.


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